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Joel Bisson
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Joel Bisson Sounds like something I would've done ten years ago but now it's just a noise wall with me, lol. Favorite track: Noizebox #3.
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Both DUMNN and numb demos re-released as one with added bonus-track.

Track 1-5 (taken from the 'DUMNN' demo - 221990 via mp3dotcom in 2002);
Track 6-10 (taken from the 'numb' demo - TND 012 via The Noise Department in 2004);
Track 11 (Produced in 2006 for a never released album that had the intention to let artists create a totally different genre than they normally did. Since YZ was pretty much into Power Noise/Industrial, we decided we could come up with a very cheesy Synthpop tune. Lyrics were written, vocals were recorded but got lost when the laptop was stolen. (I lost so many updated songs back then...)


released March 24, 2016

All songs by Marco (2002-2006) except 11; lyrics & vocals by Ignorance and Arrogance aka Marco and Ellen (2006).
numb mastering by Geert de Wilde (2004)
All songs remastered by Marco, BANZAI studio, The Netherlands (2016)

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Track Name: Love Junkie (Karaoke Version)
Love Junkie (Original lyrics v1.0)
* sung by Ignorance - the boy
% sung by Arrogance - the girl

Hey boy
I saw you passing by
and since I saw your face
I fell in love - love at first sight
First day at school
you made me drool
only a fool didn't see
that I could love you too


Hey girl
I didn't know your name
as they all sound the same
I fell in love - love at first sight
First day at school
you made me drool
and only a fool didn't see
that I was born to love you


All that matters should be kept secret
secrets that only you and me know
Is there a way to hold you in private
Love Junkie, I love so
Two hearts united

%Hey Boy - *Hey Girl
%I want your embrace
*My heart is pumpin' too
%We fell in love - love at first sight
*First time in my room
%First time in your room
*Only the first kiss was the proof that we fell in love

*Get undressed, I want you now
%I want you too but I don't know how
*Let me simply guide you
%I will simply give in to do
*The next thing lovers usually do
%Make love to me - Make love to me
* I'm addicted to you - I'm addicted to you

New version is probably written to match the song better but that got lost too. These are the original lyrics.